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Topics and Materials


24 July 2024   Rethinking Context in Continuing Professional Development in the Health Professions

Previous Sessions

17 May 2024Rethinking Continuing Professional Development and Clinical Workplaces
27 Mar 2024  AI and Scholarship in Medical Education 

22 Jan 2024

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Health Professions Education 

27 Nov 2023 

 Our Practice and the Potential of Generative AIS in CPD
28 Sept 2023 Social and structural factors influencing the meaningful and inclusive involvement of people with lived experience (PWLE) in CPD
1 June 2023  Use of Clinical Data for Professional Development and Practice Change: Understanding Cultural and System Influences


27 Jan 2022 Overcoming Barriers to Change In CME: What Has the Pandemic Taught Us About Our Big Assumptions?


17 Dec 2021 Embracing Liminal Learning Spaces
19 Nov 2021 EDI & Leadership: Why and How
28 Oct 2021 Implementation Science Models for Aligning Health Professions Education with Health System Needs
30 Sept 2021 CPD and Complexity: Learning in Healthcare Systems
17 Dec 2020 Considering the Future of CME/CPD Post Pandemic: Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste
24 Sept 2020 Safer Opioid Prescribing Education: The Effect of Mandatory Education on CME Outcomes
23 July 2020 Effective Online Learning by Design – Preparing for Life Post-Pandemic
18 June 2020 Assessing Meaningful Outcomes in Program Evaluation of Online Learning
16 Apr 2020 Reimagining Medical Meetings after the COVID-19 Pandemic
26 Mar 2020 CPD Community Response to a Global Pandemic
12 Feb 2020 20/20 Vision: I Can See PD Clearly Now! What's your plan to make that same-old every-year program more attractive, more effective, more patient-centered?
23 Jan 2020
MOOCs - A Disruptive Innovation in CME

12 Dec 2019 Achieving Practice Change through Outcomes Based CPD
20 Nov 2019 Advances in Simulation-Based Continuing Professional Development and Training
30 Aug 2019 Providing Quality Peer Reviews – and Learning Along the Way
29 Jul 2019 Posters and Oral Presentations: Skills and Best Practices for Submitting Your Scholarly Work as Abstracts
26 Jun 2019 Surveying the Landscape: What We’re Learning About the Changing World of Professional Development
30 May 2019 Collaborating Interprofessionally for Team-Based Care
22 Apr 2019 A Long View of Lifelong Learning and CPD/CME
28 Mar 2019 Online Information Resources for Point of Care (POC) Learning
20 Feb 2019 Articulating the Value of Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development
30 Jan 2019 Improving Communication Skills of Health Care Providers
04 Dec 2018 Continuing Professional Development in the Clinical Learning Environment
19 Nov 2018 Role of CPD in Developing Leaders in Academic Health Care Systems
16 Oct 2018 Meaningful Involvement of Patients, Families and Caregivers in Continuing Professional Development
07 Sep 2018 Improving CPD Interventions and Strengthening the CPD Value Proposition
04 Jun 2018 Comparing and Contrasting Faculty Development and Continuing Professional Development
15 May 2018 The Practice and Improvement Gaps in Medical Practice and Medical Education
05 Apr 2018 Implications of UME and GME Outcomes-based Reform Efforts for CPD
07 Mar 2018 Are conventional learning theories sufficient to guide multi-site complex educational interventions?

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