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Non SACME Events

  • 10 Aug 2020 2:11 PM | Anonymous

    Management of Focal Seizures in Critically ill patients in NCCU/ICU

    It is our intent to financially support an independently developed comprehensive proposal that will improve health care provider knowledge and skills in treating focal (partial onset) seizures in the intensive care hospital environment. Proposals should consider learning materials that incorporate burden of focal seizures in structural lesions patients like stroke, tumor & traumatic brain injury and its impact on progression to status epilepticus, overall outcomes of mortality, disability, length of stay in ICU and hospital. early identification of seizures including non-convulsive seizures in critically ill patients with structural lesions in NCCU/ICU, updates in diagnostics and cEEG monitoring techniques, the dosing and administration of AEDs, individual patient characteristics informing AED selection, and considerations for selecting an AED at time of patient discharge from ICU/NCCU. The learning objectives for this proposal are intended for the early diagnosis and treatment of partial-onset (focal) and secondarily generalized seizures in critically ill patients in NCCU/ICU and not necessarily on the treatment of status epilepticus or prophylaxis for prevention of seizures.

    Proposals should include identification and mapping of educational gaps towards knowledge, skills, attitude, and performance including inter-professional team gaps in order to strive towards improving health care providers’ skills in treating partial-onset seizures in the intensive care setting.

    Proposals with broad reach and impact to US healthcare providers will be given priority. Another key consideration is the need for more than one touch point with the audience members to assure acquisition of knowledge and skills (level 3 & 4 according to the Moore Scale) or improving performance (level 5), dependent on identified and validated clinical gaps. The proposed methodology for measuring the learning outcomes should be detailed. Innovative medical educational via digital platforms customized for a smooth interface on mobile with demonstrated effectiveness in learner engagement and long-term knowledge retention are encouraged. The proposal could also elaborate on the plans for reinforcement of microlearning objectives through an archived complete online version of the CME via webinar. The methodology for measuring the long-term knowledge retention should be detailed.

    Download the PDF for full details

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