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Recognition and Awards


SACME members are eligible to receive various awards and grants. The winners of these awards and grants are listed on this page.  For more information, including selection criteria or application procedures, visit the SACME Grants or Committees.

Phil R. Manning Research Award in Continuing Professional Development

This grant is made in the name of Phil R. Manning, MD, Paul Ingalls Hoagland Hastings Professor of Continuing Medical Education and Professor of Medicine Emeritus at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. Dr. Manning was the founding president of the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education, formerly the Society of Medical College Directors of Continuing Medical Education. He was a governor, regent, and vice president of the American College of Physicians and served on several educational committees of the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Manning was co-editor of Medicine: Preserving the Passion in the 21st Century and authored many peer-reviewed publications. Read more here.

Distinguished Service in Continuing Medical Education

Given to a SACME member who has made outstanding contributions to continuing medical education over an extended period (fifteen years or more is the suggested guide), or who has developed an outstanding innovation in continuing medical education representing an important advance in CME.

2024: Todd Dorman, MD, FCCM, FSACME

2023: Gabrielle Kane, MB, EdD, FRPCE

2022: Don Moore, PhD

2021: Mary Turco, EdD

2020: Joyce Fried
2019: Julie White, MS, CHCP
2018: David Price, PhD
2017: Curtis Olson, PhD 
2016: Moss Blachman, PhD
2015:  Nancy Davis, PhD
2014:  Barbara Barnes, MD, MS
2013:  Leanne Andreasen, MBA
2012:  no recipient named
2011:  Jack R. Kues, PhD
2010:  Paul Mazmanian, PhD
2009:  Dave Davis, MD
2008:  R. Van Harrison, PhD
2007:  Dale Dauphinee, MD
2006:  Gloria Allington, MSEd
2005:  Nancy Bennett, PhD
2004:  Dennis Wentz, MD
2003:  Robert J. Cullen, PhD
2002:  Ruth M. Glotzer, MEd
1997-2001:  no recipients named
1996:  George T. Smith, MD, MS
1995:  Martin D. Shickman, MD
1994:  Julian S. ("Dutch") Reinschmidt, MD
1993:  Phil R. Manning, MD
1992:  Malcolm S.M. Watts, MD

Dave Davis Research in Continuing Medical Education Award

This award is given to a SACME member who has made outstanding contributions to research in continuing medical education.

2024: Ajit Sachdeva, MD, FACS, FRCSC, FSACME

2023: Sophie Soklaridis, PhD

2022: David Wiljer, PhD

2021: Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD, MHPE

2020: Suzanne Murray
2019: Vernon Curran, PhD

2018: Ronald Cervero, MA, PhD
2017: Betsy White Williams, PhD, MPH
2016: Craig Campbell, MD
2015:  no recipient named
2014:  Curtis Olson, PhD
2013:  David A. Davis, MD
2012:  no recipient named
2011:  Don Moore, PhD
2010:  Ed Dellert, MBA and CHEST
2009:  Joan Sargeant, PhD
2008:  Jacqueline Wakefield, MD
2007:  no recipient named
2006:  Paul Mazmanian, PhD
2005:  Karen Mann, MD
2004:  Linda Casebeer, PhD
2003:  R. Van Harrison, PhD
2002:  John T. Parboosingh, MD
1996-2001:  no recipients named
1995:  Jocelyn M. Lockyer, PhD
1994:  Robert D. Fox, EdD
1993:  David A. Davis, MD
1992:  no recipient named

Past Barbara Barnes Keynote Speakers

March 11, 2024

Expanding the CPD Ecosystem through Equity and Inclusion

Sophie Soklaridis, PhD

March 31, 2012

New Perspectives on Safety and Better Practice

Matthew Weinger, MD

April 11, 2013

The Future of CEHP:  Implications of the Shift to Improving Patient Care

Curtis Olson, PhD

May 1, 2014

Evolution and Adaption in Education: Surviving the Impact of the Comet Headed Our Way

George C. Mejicano, MD, MS, FACP

April 30, 2015

Leading and Managing Change in CME/CPD

Deborah Sutherland, PhD


World Congress (no lecture)

May 19, 2017

Towards a New Continuing Professional Development: Aligning CPD with Societal and Professional Needs

George E. Thibault, MD

April 27, 2018

Advances in Interprofessional CPD:  Can we get it right?

Jeffrey Gold, MD, FACS

February 28, 2019

Continuum of Medical Education and Its Relevance to Faculty Development

Alison Whelan, MD

February 20, 2020

Performance Improvement/Teaching/Faculty Development

Brian Hodges, MD, PhD, FRCPC

February 24, 2021

Health Professions Education at the Crossroads

Julio Frenk, MD, MPH, PhD

February 21, 2022

Black Butterfly Theorem: From Childhood Trauma to a Transcendent Healthful Self

Michele Harper, MD

March 15, 2023

If You Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got: Toward More Purposeful, Intentional and Collaborative Alignment of CPD in Health Care Enterprises


March 11, 2024

Expanding the CPD Ecosystem through Equity and Inclusion

Sophie Soklaridis, PhD

Paul Mazmanian Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions Award for Excellence in Research

The Paul Mazmanian Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (JCEHP) Award for Excellence in Research recognizes outstanding original research contributions to the field of continuing professional development (CPD). This award has been named after Dr. Mazmanian for his influential contributions as a CPD scholar, and exceptional leadership as Editor-in-Chief of JCEHP (2000–2010).

2021 Janet Alexanian, Ian Fraser, Orla Smith, & Simon Kitto, “Defining and Redefining Family Involvement in Practice: An Implementation Trial of a Locally Adaptable Patient-Centered Professional Development Tool in Two Ontario Intensive Care Units.”

  • Honorable Mention; Elizabeth F. Wenghofer, Robert S. Steele, Richard G. Christiansen, & Misti H. Carter, “Evaluation of a High Stakes Physician Competency Assessment: Lessons for Assessor Training, Program Accountability, and Continuous Improvement.”
  • Honorable mention; Rene Wong, Simon Kitto, Arno K. Kumagai, & Cynthia R. Whitehead, “Paradox of Patient-Centered Care and the Implications for Patient Involvement in Continuing Professional Development.”

2020 – Heather Armson, Stefanie Order, Jacqueline Wakefield, & Kevin W. Eva, “Toward Practice-Based Continuing Education Protocols: Using Testing to Help Physicians Update their Knowledge.”

2015 Lisa Cicutto, RN, PhD, ACNP (Cert), CAE; Meg B. Dingae, MHSA, CCMEP; and Esther L. Langmack, MD, FCCP, CCMEP for their article Improving Asthma Care in Rural Primary Care Practices: A Performance Improvement Project.

Cicutto, L, Dingae, MB, Langmack, EL Improving Asthma Care in Rural Primary Care Practices: A Performance Improvement Project

Durning, SJ, Ratcliffe T, Artino AR Jr., et al How is clinical reasoning developed, maintained, and objectively assessed? Views from expert internists and internal medicine interns

Karwoski, J Revisiting the educationally influential physician: Development of a simplified nomination form

Shaw, T  Impact on clinical behavior of face-to-face continuing medical education blended with online spaced education: a randomized controlled trial

Sargeant, J Development and Testing of a Scale to Assess Interprofessional Education (IPE) Facilitation Skills

Laprise, R, Improved cardiovascular prevention using best CME practices: a randomized trial

2008: no recipient named

Kane GM. Step-by-step: a model for practice-based learningJ Contin Educ Health Prof 2007 Fall;27(4):220-6.  Full Text

Harrison RV, Standiford C, Green L, Bernstein S. Integrating education into primary care quality and cost improvement at an academic medical centerJ Contin Educ Health Prof 2006;26(4):268–284.  Full Text

Lockyer JM, Fidler H, Hogan DB, Pereles L, Wright B, Lebeuf C, Gerritsen C.Assessing outcomes through congruence of course objectives and reflective work. JCEHP 2005; 25(2):76-86.  Full Text 

White MI, Grzybowski S, Broudo M. Commitment to change instrument enhances program planning, implementation, and evaluationJCEHP2004Summer;24(3):153-62.  Full Text

Wakefield J, Herbert CP, Maclure M, Dormuth C, Wright JM, Legare J, Brett-MacLean P, Premi J. Commitment to change statements can predict actual change in practiceJCEHP. 2003;23(2):81-93.  Full Text 

Casebeer L, Bennett N, Kristofco R, Carillo A, Centor R. Physician Internet medical information seeking and on-line continuing education use patterns.JCEHP. 2002(1);22:33-42.  Full Text 

Tipping J, Donahue J, Hannah E. Value of unstructured time (breaks) during formal continuing medical education eventsJCEHP 2001;21(2):90-96.  Full Text

Grzybowski S, Lirenman D, White MI. Identifying educational influentials for formal and informal continuing medical education in the province of British Columbia. JCEHP 2000(2);20:85-90.  Full Text

Campbell C, Parboosingh J, Gondocz T, Babitskaya G, Pham B. Study of the factors influencing the stimulus to learning recorded by physicians keeping a learning portfolioJCEHP 1999;19(1):16-24.  Full Text 

Broclain D, Nivet-Carre D, Barbot J, Nory F, Bardelay G. Quasi-experimental study on the effectiveness of the readers' test in the medical journal La Revue PrescrireJCEHP 1998;18(1):47-57.  Full Text

Toews J, Lockyer J, Warnica W, Morgan J, Dawson J, Churchill-Smith T. A model continuing medical education program on congestive heart failure: An analysis
JCEHP 1997;17(2):106-113.  Full Text 

Mann KV, Lindsay EA, Putnam RW, Davis DA. Increasing physician involvement in cholesterol-lowering practicesJCEHP 1996;16(4):225-240.  Full Text 

Jennett PA, Scott SM, Atkinson MA, Crutcher RA, Hogan DB, Elford RW, MacCannell KL, Baumber JS. Patient charts and physician office management decisions: chart audit and chart stimulated recallJCEHP 1995;15(1):31-39.   Full Text 

Fox Award for (Best) Research Presentation

The Fox Award honors the research of Dr. Robert D. Fox, University of Oklahoma, who has contributed greatly to the literature in the field of professional continuing education. Established in 2001, the Fox Award is presented for the best RICME presentation and is judged with respect to its methodology and impact on the profession.

2024 Martin Tremblay and Morag Paton

2023 Morag Paton and Sanjeev Sockalingam

2022 Sophie Soklaridis

2021 Sharisse Arnold Rehring

2020 Meron Teferra

2015 Curt Olson and Sanjeev Sockalingam
2014 Tanya Horsley and William Rayburn 
2013 Betsy Williams and Harold Kessler
2012 Heather MacNeill
2010-2011 no recipients named
2009 Michael Allen
2008 Jocelyn Lockyer
2007 Todd Dorman
2006 Craig Campbell
2005 Joan Sargeant
2004 Tara Kennedy
2003 Michael Fordis
2002 Jacqueline Wakefield
2001 Michael Allen

SACME Award for Best Early Career Researcher

The SACME Award for Best Early Career Researcher is presented to the individual whose RICME presentation at a SACME Meeting is judged the best with respect to its methodology and impact on the profession. Residents and researchers presenting within the first three years in the field are eligible for this award.

2024 Shaheen Darani

2023 Kenya Costa-Dookhan

2022 Juliamaria Cormac-Medrano
2021 Morag Paton
2020 Dillon Welindt


This award is presented for the outstanding Best Practice presentation at the annual meeting and is judged with respect to its contribution and impact on advancing continuing professional development education.

2024: Holly Harris for "Co-producing Health Education Research: Working Equitably in a Hierarchical System".

2023: Melissa Kelly for "Multimodal Approach to Equipping Pathologists for a New Era of HER2 Classification in Breast Cancer".

2022: Sanjeev Sockalingam for “Adapting the Deteriorating Patient Simulation Method: Notes on the feasibility and acceptability of a virtual mental health simulation”.

2021: David Wiljer for “Accelerating the Appropriate Adoption of AI in Healthcare through Building New Knowledge, Skills, and Capacities in the Canadian Healthcare Professions”.

2020: Ruth Adewuya for “Assessment and Evaluation Session – Debrief Meetings? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for that Stuff”.


Introduced in 2023, this award is presented to the individual whose Best Practice presentation at a SACME meeting is judged the best with respect to its contribution and impact on advancing continuing professional development education. Trainees and professionals presenting within the first three years in the field are eligible for this award.

2024: Zahra Hasan for "Promoting Compassion in Healthcare Ethics Consultation Education: A Framework to Approach Structural Stigma in Mental Health and Substance Use Health"

2023: Inaara Karsan and Tharshini Jeyakumar for “Design and Implementation of a CPD Education Intervention Toolkit for the ACCME”


This award is presented to the individual whose poster presentation is judged best with respect to its contribution to the profession.

2024: Shawna Novak for "Empathy, Equity, and Ultrasound: Enhancing CPD through Point-of-Care Training in Resource Limited and Conflict-Affected Regions"

2023: Mary Turco for "The Dartmouth Scholarship Enhancement in Academic Medicine (SEAM Awards: Igniting Health Professionals' Engagement and Professional Development through Investment in Academic "Dreams".

2022: Alison Freeland for “Efficacy and Success of Transition to Online eLearning of an Integrated Medical Psychiatry Collaborative Care Training Program” and James Macaskill for “Assessing Outcomes of Saskatchewan’s Practice Enhancement Program”.

2021: Shaheen Darani for “Award -Training Corrections Officers to Better Meet the Mental Health Needs of Inmates”.

2020: Melissa A. Kelly and Joseph Kim for “Integrating Systems-level Quality Improvements into a Longitudinal Immuno-oncology (I-O) Educational Strategy”.


2024: Natalie Sanfratello for “Overcoming Barriers in Effective Treatment and Enrollment in Clinical Trials for Black and Underserved Patients with Multiple Myeloma – Incorporating the Patient Voice through Focus Groups”


2024: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Robert D'Antuono, Morag Paton, and Vjeko Hlede. Special Strategic Advisor to the Society President: Joyce Fried

2023: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Jennifer Reino and Edeline Mitton

2022: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Karen Vu-Nguyen and Nathaniel Williams

2021: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Tym Peters and Asha Maharaj

2016: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Deborah Samuel and Ginny Jacobs

2016: Unsung Hero Award presented to Tym Peters and Greg Vannette

2015: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Mila Kostic

2015: Unsung Hero Award presented to Joyce Fried and Pam McFadden

2014: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Edeline Mitton and Moss Blachman

2012: President's Meritorious Service Award presented to Lois Colburn

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