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Upcoming events

    • 23 Jan 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Teleconference/Webinar

    MOOCs - A Disruptive Innovation in CME
    January 23, 2020, 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT

    Presenter: Alvaro Margolis, MD, MSc, FIAHSI
    President, Global Alliance for Medical Education, GAME
    President & CEO, EviMed 

    Facilitator: Mila Kostic, CHCP, FACEHP

    About: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are now common across disciplines, including Medicine. In this Webinar, it will be contended - and participants will be able to argue for or against - that massive online courses are going to disrupt the CME landscape and become an integral component of how continuing medical education is delivered globally in the next five years.

    Dr. Margolis will start his introductory presentation with a precise definition of the terms "MOOC" and "disruptive innovation”, This will be followed by an analysis of the potential for disruption of MOOCs for healthcare professionals and teams, including practical current examples and the rational for the trends and future developments.  Finally, we will engage in a dialogue with the audience about how likely this forecast is and how these concepts apply to their own settings. 

    Suggested Reading: Margolis A, López-Arredondo A, García S, Rubido N, , et al. (2019), 'Social learning in large online audiences of health professionals: Improving dialogue with automated tools', MedEdPublish, 8, [1], 55

    Margolis A, López-Arredondo A (2019), 'Eight years of MOOCs for physicians across Latin America', IEEE 2019 Learning with MOOCs Conference, October 2019, Milwaukee, USA.

    Margolis, A. and Parboosingh, J. (2015) 'Networked Learning and Network Science: Potential Applications to Health Professionals' Continuing Education and Development', Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 35(3), pp. 211-219.

    • 12 Feb 2020
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Teleconference/Webinar

    20/20 Vision: I Can CPD Clearly Now!
    February 12, 2020, 2:00 - 3:00 PM CT

    Additional details coming soon!

    • 18 Feb 2020
    • 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM
    • Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, Miami, FL

    SACME Annual Meeting | Members only session


    1. Jack Kues, PhD, CHCP, FACEHP – Associate Dean for Continuous Professional Development, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
    2. Simon C. Kitto, PhD – Professor, University of Ottawa; JCEHP Editor



      Many SACME members have expressed interest in increasing their knowledge of basic research methods and, ultimately, conducting research as part of their professional careers. As part of the needs assessment that was conducted for the SACME Mentorship program, we learned that improved research skills and scholarly products were a high priority in the society. Additionally, the process of submitting a manuscript and review by the editor and reviewers is very much a mystery to many people. Finally, we believe that participation in the review process improves understanding of the process and is an excellent way to improve overall understanding of basic research principles.


      This session is designed for individuals who include, or wish to include, research and scholarship as part of their jobs and careers. The primary goals of the session are to introduce participants to skills and process of being a manuscript reviewer for a professional peer-reviewed journal. Presenters will provide an overview of the peer-review process and the general principles of critically reading manuscripts. Presenters will also describe the general principles of providing constructive feedback to authors and journal editors. Most of the session will be devoted to hands-on exercises involving actual reviews of manuscript segments. The presenters anticipate that most of this will be accomplished in small groups. Participants who are interested, will be invited to become apprentice reviewers for JCEHP. Regardless of whether participants are inclined to become journal peer-reviewers, the session will provide important knowledge for those who are considering submitting their research to a peer-reviewed journal.


      Pre-work:  Attendees will be provided with a manuscript 2 weeks prior to the workshop. They will be asked to read the manuscript and bring it to the workshop.

      Workshop outline: The 120-minute workshop will follow the agenda described below. Participants will be placed in small groups to complete a manuscript review tool. Each group will report out on their critical review of the manuscript and Drs. Kues and Kitto will lead a discussion on key elements of manuscript review and developing comments to the editor and authors. Dr. Kitto will provide a summary of the editorial process from submission, review, disposition of initial manuscripts, resubmission and final acceptance. Dr. Kues will provide a wrap-up that will discuss the interplay between authors, reviewers, and journal editors. He will also describe a new reviewer “intern” program for attendees who are interested in becoming manuscript reviewers for JCEHP.

      SACME 120 minutes

      Time (Mins)



      Introduction and Session Overview


      Work in groups to complete review outline document


      Group report-out and discussion


      Questions and Answers


      Simon’s Summary


      Jack’s Wrap-up:

      - Authors, reviewers, and editor “Part of a Process”
      - Journal manuscript review as a way to learn and experience research
      JCEHP reviewer “intern” project

      Target Audience

      Individuals with low to moderate experience and training in research and who are interested in developing research as a career goal.

      Individuals with an interest in becoming a manuscript reviewer for JCEHP or similar journals.

      Learning Objectives

      1. To understand the process of peer-review for professional journals in the field of health professions education.
      2. To critically read theoretical and research manuscripts submitted to professional journals for peer-review.
      3. To provide clear and actionable feedback to manuscript authors and journal editors.

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