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Associate Project Manager [APM] – Education

30 Oct 2020 3:03 PM | Anonymous
  • DEPARTMENT:               Project Management               

    REPORTS TO:                Director of Project Management & Education 


    The Covid public health emergency [PHE] has placed pressures on healthcare organizations to educate, train, advise and give tools to employees on the hazards and prevention of the transmission and communication of COVID–19 and other communicable diseases. This includes, among other things,

  1. activities to mitigate supply chain disruption[1];
  2. create management and practice telework systems[2];
  3. activities to mitigate the effects of reduced travel or attendance at outside activities[3];
  4. undertakings relevant to business practices necessary to mitigate PHE economic effects[4]
  • This document outlines a new position whose role is to support defined and planned educational activities at the medical group and clinician level, so that the medical group and its clinicians can

  1. diagnose, treat or participate in the care of patients in a manner that prevents and reduces the chances of exposure to the Covid pathogen, and/or permits special precautions be taken to blunt avoidable spread, and in doing so permits supply chains to remain more patent and less encumbered;
  2.   places fewer physical plant and logistical stressors on the medical group, clinicians and the facilities where they care for patients;
  3. creates management and telework systems to avoid/lessen reliance on in-person exchanges;
  4. sharply reduces the need to travel and visit facilities; 

    The Associate Project Manager is accountable and responsible for “order fulfillment” from the view of three major stakeholders—the facilities, the clinicians and Somnia. This position lends support to both internal and external projects that may be Strategic, Tactical or Operational (“Projects”), at the discretion of the Senior Project Manager or their designee. Projects may be related to:

    1. Training, Orientation, Education and CME programs across the Somnia network to include project planning, implementation, ongoing maintenance and management; including compliance with and documentation thereof with ACCME, ACGME and AANA standards.
    2. Workshop event planning, such as physical plant, logistics, attendance management;
    3. Collaboration with Marketing Department to promote above and other activities;

The APM will be accountable for the effective planning, coordination and implementation of continuing medical education programs and records management with regard to facility, Somnia, ACCME, ACGME, AANA, TJC and CMS, as the case may be.


    • Management of Somnia’s educational training programs which includes, without limitation, such duties as documenting, tracking and trending who is receiving education/training, when and where they are receiving it,  who is providing it and how, as well as that appropriate evaluations are completed and filed with the appropriate agency and internally entered into company database- as well as used to adjust forward going activities so continually evolve towards better results.  This also includes longitudinal follow-up with those who have received education /training to track longer term outcomes.
    • Ensure that any and all activities undertaken by the APM, or those that are working with the APM, do not have any commercial conflicts; and have not had any going back 1 year from the time of their involvement.
    • Coordinating and managing all Somnia Education Committee functions such as agenda, minutes, reporting, and task-assignment oversight;
    • Education Policy development and their annual versioning; and documentation of learner and faculty compliance therewith;
    • Coordination of the CE application submission process, according to Policy; and maintenance of all proposed or actual event CE documentation as required by the accreditation organizations:
    • ACCME, AANA, AORN organizations for MDs, CRNA & RN respectively.
    • COA for nurse anesthesia students
    • ACGME for residents and fellows 
  •  Developing and maintaining relationships with CE joint accreditation partners
  • Assist educational activity planners in identifying CE gaps and corresponding educational needs, as well as coordination and assistance with the educational and training activity(ies), approved by the Education Committee, that result therefrom; and hands-on assistance with Faculty recruitment and content development.  Educational activities may include, but are not limited to, workshops (webshops), seminars(webinars), conferences (virtual conferences), journal clubs, grand rounds, newsletters, etc.  In any and all activities, proactive discernment of conflict status should be sought and, when indicated, documented using the appropriate form.
  • Screen and respond to program internal and external inquiries received
  • Manage and maintain learning management system (LMS), assist with user requests and ensure that it effectively monitors, evaluates, tracks, records and reports on learner participation in the education and activity process, and maintains the requisite evaluations, outcomes data and documentation to meet or exceed applicable accreditation organization requirements.
  • Managing priorities to adhere to tight deadlines by working with other team members, Medical Directors, and external partner organizations and self-monitoring of activities
  • Central liaison to all departments (Physician, CRNA & RN) conducting CE events
  • Central liaison to various accreditation organizations and, when and where indicated, ensure that all submission deadlines, deliverables, reports, and forms are completed in a timely fashion to meet requirements for complete and timely filing.
  • Central liaison to various Service-line directors and assist them with educational or training activity planning, content development, learner preparation, event planning (physical plant, logistical and technical) and post activity needs (breakdown, shipping, etc.).  
  • Maintaining positive working relationships with universities and other partner organizations

Skills/Qualifications include:

  • Experience with ACCME Program administration 
  • Experience with learning management system administration and SCROM
  • Comprehensive understanding and demonstrated proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite
  • Understanding of budgets and financial planning
  • Must exhibit excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Motivated, proactive, detail-oriented with ability to work well independently and in a team
  • Experience with grant research, application, and management a plus  

[1] https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3548/text?q=product+update#idD2DB7C8BB3D443F8BF0038C31B162A03

[2] https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3548/text?q=product+update#idD2DB7C8BB3D443F8BF0038C31B162A03

[3] https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3548/text?q=product+update#idD2DB7C8BB3D443F8BF0038C31B162A03

[4] https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3548/text?q=product+update#idD2DB7C8BB3D443F8BF0038C31B162A03

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