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Technology-Enhanced CPD Committee

Chair: Vjeko Hlede              Vice-Chair: Sofia Valanci

Committee Members

Deema Al-Sheikhly
Bruce Brod
Robert D'Antuono
Lori Deitte
Heather Dow
Michael Fordis
Heather MacNeill

Olivier Petinaux
Mariana Shershneva
Chittur Civaram
Stephanie Sliekers
Rick Wiggins
Rodderick Williams

Committee Liaisons 

  • Todd Dorman, Finance Committee
  • Joyce Fried, Strategic Affairs Committee
  • Ronan O'Beirne, Communications Committee
  • Olivier Petinaux, Program Committee
  • Natalie Sanfratello, Membership Committee
  • Martin Tremblay, Scholarship Committee

Faculty and Staff Development - TECPD Subcommittee

Co-chairs: Heather MacNeill and Sofia Valanci

Members: Miya Bernson-Leung, Heather Dow, Carlo Hojilla, James Kim, Shirley Lee, Terry Soleas

Committee Liaisons: Robert D’Antuono, Joyce Fried, Vjeko Hlede, Olivier Petinaux, Martin Tremblay, Jessica Walter

Meeting Attendance: Open                        Email info@sacme.org to get involved! 

Background: The Technology-Enhanced CPD (TECPD) Committee's priority is to take a proactive strategic role in addressing challenges and utilizing opportunities associated with the digital transformation of CPD. 

Mission: SACME's Committee on Technology-Enhanced CPD is to support and guide SACME members in enhancing the entire spectrum of CPD activities through the innovative use and study of technology to enhance the impact of CPD, emphasizing learning theories, pedagogies, and evidence.

Structure: The TECPD Committee operates through a structure that ensures broad oversight and focused attention on specific areas of interest. This structure is divided into three distinct levels: the main committee, one subcommittee, and multiple ad hoc workgroups. Each level has a unique role and set of responsibilities that contribute to the committee’s overall mission.

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