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Chair: Bita Zakeri

Vice Chair: Martin Tremblay

Committee Members: Ruth Adewuya, Miya Bernson-Leung, Letti Bresnahan, Craig Campbell, Nels Carlson, Ronald Cervero, Helena Filipe, Christine Flores, Joyce Fried, Ginny Jacobs, Gabrielle Kane, Simon Kitto, Mila Kostic, Gyusung Lee, Asha Maharaj, Helen Mawdsley, Don Moore, Morag Paton, Carol Pizzuti, David Price, Suzan Schneeweiss, Janine Shapiro, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Sophie Soklaridis, Martin Tremblay, Mary Turco, David Wiljer, Betsy Williams, Christopher Wittich, and Bita Zakeri

Meeting Attendance: Open

Background: The Scholarship Committee is open to all SACME members who are interested in CME research. The goal of the committee is to foster CME research through education, mentoring and support of both novice and experienced researchers. 

Download the overview presentation (PDF)

General Duties:

  • Assess and report on the status of the discipline.
  • Build capacity to conduct and enhance research by research scholars, CPD consumers and to establish institutional scholarly environment.
  • Develop and conduct research.
  • Work of the Scholarship Committee is organized across three active Subcommittees.
    1. Status of the Discipline – Chair: Sanjeev Sockalingam, Vice Chair: Sophie Soklaridis 
      Defines the scholarship/research agenda of the discipline, disseminates the scholarships/research of the field, and maintains an up-to-date bibliography of SACME’s scholarship/research activities and resources.

    2. Capacity Building – Chair: Mila Kostic, Vice Chair: Helena Filipe
      Builds the scholarship capacity of SACME’s members by helping them to conduct and enhance research, and to establish and/or strengthen office/institutional capacity to use scholarly methods to produce and/or utilize scholarship.

    3. Research Projects and Awards – Chair: Asha Maharaj
      Provides and oversees grant award opportunities and processes, presents Research in CME/CPD, Best Practice and Poster sessions at the Annual Meeting, and provides annual scholarship and research awards to individuals selected in a competitive process.

Related Activities

  • Research and Development Resource Base
    Housed at the University of Toronto, this bibliographic database of over 18,000 references collected in one place many of the references to the literature of continuing health professional education. A librarian offers a low cost literature search service to physicians, educators, administrators and other health professionals. SACME assists in funding the RDRB.

  • AAMC/SACME Harrison Survey
    SACME conducts a survey of its members every year (formerly every 2 years) and shares findings with the membership. 

  • Virtual Journal Club
    SACME's Virtual Journal Club provides a discussion forum for SACME research-minded colleagues, as well as those of us who read literature to inform our practice in CPD design, assessment or evaluation of outcomes, faculty development, or any other of the many domains relevant to our field. As we considered the diversity of academic experience and interest of our members, we decided to focus our approach less on the critique of the journal article(s) and more on the creation of a series of transformational discussions around the value of available evidence to our practice.

  • Community of Practice
    SACME Community of Practice for using social learning principles in CME/CPD. Come engage with colleagues and share your perceptions of how physicians learn in practice!

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