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SACME Research Grants

Mazmanian Research Fellowship Award

The Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) is committed to promoting value in patient care and health of the public through scholarship that advances the theory, delivery, and evaluation of continuing medical and interprofessional education. To support this mission, SACME has created the Paul E. Mazmanian, PhD Research Fellowship Award for Early Career Investigators (hereafter the Mazmanian Research Fellowship Award).

To download instructions for the application process, please follow this link for the Mazmanian Research Fellowship Award. 

Click here for more information on Dr. Paul Mazmanian.


Please direct any questions about the application or the grant to either Asha Maharaj, Chair, SACME Research and Awards Subcommittee at asha.maharaj@camh.ca or Joyce Fried at joycemfried@gmail.com.

Phil R. Manning Research Award in Continuing Professional Development

This grant is made in the name of Phil R. Manning, MD, Paul Ingalls Hoagland Hastings Professor of Continuing Medical Education and Professor of Medicine Emeritus at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. Dr. Manning was the founding president of the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education, formerly the Society of Medical College Directors of Continuing Medical Education. He was a governor, regent, and vice president of the American College of Physicians and served on several educational committees of the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Manning was co-editor of Medicine: Preserving the Passion in the 21st Century and authored many peer-reviewed publications.

To download instructions for the application process, please follow this link for the Phil R. Manning Research Award in Continuing Professional Development. 

The Manning Grant Process will begin in 2025
Instructions on the submission process will be posted on this page and emailed to all SACME members. 


Please direct any questions about the application or the grant to either Morag Paton at morag.paton@utoronto.ca or Dr. Martin Tremblay, Vice-Chair, SACME Scholarship Committee at mtremblay@fmsq.org.

Submission portal

Visit the Manning Resources page to watch the 2021 Manning Summer Series videos and view additional resources. 

SACME Research Grants

The following list reflects grants that have been awarded through the grant application process. 



Project Title



 Joanne Goldman

Brian Wong
University of Toronto

Strengthening the position of continuing education as a foundational element of quality improvement  Manning Award

Francesca Luconi

McGill Hill University

Building resilience and well-being in primary care during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic: A case-study in continuing professional development Manning Award

Mahan Kulasegaram

University of Toronto

Supporting Self-Directed Learning and Transfer through Testing in CME Manning Award
 2017/2018 Sanjeev Sockalingam and David Wiljer University of Toronto Data and Lifelong Learning (LLL): Understanding Cultural Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing and Using Clinical Performance Data to Support Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  Manning Award
Fahad Alam
Sunnybrook Health Services Centre
Impact of acute care physician’s age on crisis management performance and learning after simulation-based education  Manning Award 
Moshe Feldman
Practice Based Learning to Achieve System Based Practice: An Interprofessional CE Model and Toolbox for Planned Practice Change   Manning Award
Joan Sargeant
Dalhousie University
Performance feedback to inform self-assessment and guide practice improvement: Developing and testing a feedback facilitation model  Manning Award

Heather Armson

University of Calgary

Practice reflections by family physicians participating in three three different practice based learning programs: Are there differences in commitment-to-change statements? Manning Award

Marisa Finlay

McMaster University

Breast cancer survivors and CME in health advocacy small grant

Kevin Eva

McMaster University

Examining the problem with experience: Does practice make physicians more susceptible to premature closure? small grant

Onil Bhattacharyya

University of Toronto

Overcoming barriers to diabetes guideline management in remote aboriginal communities small grant

Barbara Barnes

University of Pittsburgh

Improving the discussion and atribution of adverse events and medical errors: an interactive case conference Manning Award

Gary Sibbald

University of Toronto

Simultaneous use of telemedicine for patient care and continuing education rounds in dermatology small grant

Sonya Lawson

Virginia Commonwealth University

Use of PDAs in reflection and learning practice large grant
 2003 Gabrielle Kane
University of Toronto
Examining the impact of change on professional practice small grant

Stephanie Giberson

University of Manitoba

Facilitating physician learning community development [sic] small grant

Joan Sargeant

Dalhousie University

Physicians' attitudes toward participating in accredited CME programs on the Internet large grant
2001 Jocelyn Lockyer
University of Calgary
Qualitative evaluation of small group learning small grant

Yvonne Coyle

University of Texas Southwestern-Dallas

Assessing physician clinical performance outcome in highly motivated learners Manning Award
2000 Jack Kues
University of Cincinnati
The value of formal CME: Physician perception [SACME Research Collaborative] Manning Award
1999 Michael Allen
Dalhousie University
Videoconferencing for problem-based small group learning large grant
1998 Jonathan Hellman
University of Toronto
[mentorship] small grant
1997 David Bailey
Marshall University
[mentorship] small grant
1996 Jocelyn Lockyer
University of Calgary
Physician use of personalized feedback to make changes in their clinical practice small grant

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