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Leading and Influencing Change in CPD

16 Oct 2017 7:00 AM | SACME (Administrator)

Leading and Influencing Change in CPD
Oct 16 – 20, 2017 | Feb 26 - Mar 2, 2018


Week 1 Topics include
Defining the field of leadership in CPD
Best Practices in CPD
Thinking outside the box: Issues in CPD leadership
Integrating Quality Improvement with CPD
Inter-professional education: working and learning in teams:
Three domains and directions of CPD:
-Individual Lifelong Learning
-Systems based
-Shared decision making – involving the patient voice

Week 2
Topics for week 2 are suggested and will be confirmed based on learning
needs and projects that emerge in Week 1

Technology and the bigger picture in CPD
The business of CPD: Essential ingredients for business success in education
The evolving role and importance of simulation: Integrating simulation in CPD
Current and future directions of the field
Lessons learned: The interface between CPD, Knowledge Translation and
Quality Improvement

More information: http://www.cpd.utoronto.ca/leadingchange/program/

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