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Committee Chair

Leslie Doering
Oregon Health & Science University

Committee Vice Chair
Cynthia Juarez 
Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
Texas Tech University Health Science Center

Committee Members

Jennifer Alessi, MA, CHCP
Mahira Bonomo, MBA, CHCP
Heather Clemons, MS, MBA, ATC
Sharrie Cranford, LICSW, PIP, MS, CCTP
Robert D’Antuono, MHA
Christine Flores, MPH
Joyce Fried

Ronan O’Beirne, Ed.D

Tymothi Peters
William Rayburn, MD, MBA

Jen Reino

Peter Sandre
David Wiljer, PhD
Betsy Williams, PhD, MPH


CE News - Recently revised, this quarterly newsletter provides brief articles on a wide spectrum of relevant topics, CME/CPD trends, best practices, institutional profiles, accreditation updates and more. Columns include Scholarship & Publications, E-Learning & Technology, European & Canadian CPD Updates, and Funding Opportunities, with a focus on useful information and peer reviewed resources valuable in everyday practice. A calendar of links to major national and international sponsors of CME/CPD conferences and symposia helps readers plan their personal professional development activities.

Marketing and Messaging - Drives SACME's social media presence and builds our weekly message to members: Pulse PointsWith the help of SACME staff, this team ensures consistent branding of the Society, to assist with internal and external advertising, and expands the efforts to increase the visibility of SACME.

INTERCOM - Develops a quarterly newsletter specific to SACME Membership. The focus is Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development. Consider becoming a regular author or column writer, or join forces with Managing Editor Sharrie Cranford to track contributions, serve as a point of contact for authors, or to proof-read and edit.

Getting Involved
SACME members welcome!

Build meaningful relationships across institutions and environments, as part of a close-knit community. Be on the cutting edge of news that shapes Continuing Professional Development and share your SACME Annual Meeting with collegial friends. You can explore opportunities by attending a committee meeting. Email committee chair Leslie Doering to express your interest.

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