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SACME Academy of Fellows (FSACME)

The SACME Academy of Fellows was created in 2016, based on a proposal presented by then SACME President, Dr. Ajit (Sach) Sachdeva. The mission of the Academy is to recognize preeminent leaders of national and international renown from the field of academic Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and to provide them a fellowship in which they can actively engage with Academy peers to explore, suggest, and potentially expand the boundaries of continuing professional development by pursuing innovative programs designed to significantly advance the field and to be of benefit to the Society at large. The Academy hopes to bring greater recognition to SACME, both nationally and internationally, ensure that leaders and experts in the field continue to remain actively engaged in the activities of SACME, and provide SACME members the opportunity to meet with and learn from the expertise of this group. 

The Academy has enhanced SACME with several successful initiatives.  What began as an Academy technology interest group has evolved and now become a SACME standing committee, the Technology-Enhanced CPD Committee.  This committee meets monthly to support and guide SACME members in enhancing the entire spectrum of CPD activities through the innovative use and study of technology to enhance the impact of CPD, emphasizing learning theories, pedagogies, and evidence. 

The SACME Mentorship Program matches SACME members, as mentees, with experienced SACME mentors.  The mentorship is intended to provide career guidance, networking connections, and access to experience and knowledge in the field of CPD/CE. The program is part of SACME’s commitment to its members to provide a supportive community and to develop scholars and leaders in CPD/CE.

Finally, the Academy Faculty Development Committee has developed a series of four faculty development webinars for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Topics have included quality of teaching, demystifying coaching, promoting competencies, and using clinician educator milestones.


If you wish to be in contact with any of the Fellows listed below, you can find contact information in the SACME Member Directory.

Gloria Allington, MSEd, FSACME

Barbara Barnes, MD, MS, FSACME

Morris Blachman, PhD, FSACME

Craig Campbell, MD ,FRCPC, FSACME

Lois Colburn, FSACME

Robert Cullen, PhD, FSACME

Dale Dauphinee, MD, FSACME

Dave Davis, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRCPC (hon), FSACME

Nancy Davis, PhD, FSACME

Todd Dorman, MD, FSACME

William Easterling, Jr, MD, FSACME

Kevin Eva, PhD, Hon. FAcadMed, FSACME

Gerald Escovitz, MD, FSACME

Helena Filipe, MD, FSACME

Michael Fordis, MD, FSACME 

Joyce Fried, FSACME

Meryl Haber, MD, FSACME

Frederic Hafferty, PhD, FSACME


R. Van Harrison, PhD, FSACME

Martyn Hotvedt, PhD, FSACME

Ginny Jacobs, PhD, MEd, MLS, CHCP, FSACME

Gabrielle Kane, MB, EdD, FRCPC, FSACME

Martin Kantrowitz, MD, FSACME

John Kues, PhD, FSACME

Paul Lambiase, FSACME

Constance LeBlanc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, MAEd, FSACME

James Leist, EdD, FSACME

Jocelyn Lockyer, PhD, FSACME

Jack Mason, PhD, FSACME

Pam McFadden, FSACME

Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, FSACME

Don Moore, PhD, FSACME

Bruce Nitsche, MD, FSACME

Curtis Olson, PhD, FSACME

John Parboosingh, MB, FRCSC, FSACME


William Rayburn, MD, MBA, FSACME

Will Ross, MD, MPH, FSACME

Ajit Sachdeva, MD, FACS, FRCSE, FSACME

Deborah Samuel, MBA, FSACME, FACEHP

Joan Sargeant, PhD, FSACME

Ivan Silver, MD, MEd, FRCPC, FSACME

Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD MHPE, FSACME

Melinda Steele, MEd, CHCP, FACEHP, FSACME

Mary Turco, EdD, FSACME

Dennis Wentz, MD, FSACME

Julie L. White, MS, CHCP, FSACME

David Wiljer, PhD, FSACME

Betsy Williams, PhD, MPH, FSACME


Phil Manning, MD, FSACME

Paul Mazmanian, PhD, FSACME

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