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CME/CPD Abstracts by Topical Area

08 Apr 2022 10:24 AM | Anonymous

In this section: 

  1. CPD Needs Assessment
  2. Promoting Wellness 
  3. Building Capacity and Effective Teams
  4. Innovating and Adapting in Changing Times 

I. CPD Needs Assessment

Educational Needs for Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for COVID 19 Pandemic in a Low Middle Income Country

Moving Towards Mastery—A Needs Assessment of Online CPD Provision During the Pandemic

Adoption of Telehealth by Clinical Teachers, Supervisors and Clinical Practitioners at McGill University and Teaching Hospitals:  A Needs Assessment 

Learning AI, Making it Real: A Qualitative Study of the Needs of Medical Educators for Artificial Intelligence Program Development 

II. Promoting Wellness

Impact of Culture on Combatting Burnout and Stress in the Field of Laboratory Medicine  

Burnout: An Example of an Inter-relationship Between Health and Learning 

Developing a Mentorship Culture: Perspectives of Departmental Leadership on a Faculty Mentorship Program - A Qualitative Study 

Relationship among Professionalism Concerns, Capacity, and Duration of Remediation

III. Building Capacity and Effective Teams

Adapting the Deteriorating Patient Simulation Method: Notes on the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Virtual Mental Health Simulation 

Beyond Grand! Grafting a Structured Reflective Tool to Hospital Rounds

Holding Braver Conversations: Interpersonal Conflict Simulations 

How to Collaborate Successfully in Online Educational Programs for Latin America 

Monitoring and Evaluating AI: Challenges and Practical Implications 

Practice Assessment Tools for Medical Specialists—A Bridge to Quality Improvement  

Proactive Partnership and Project Management: A Successful Model to integrate CME into Daily Clinical Practice

Developing a Patient Safety Culture Training Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals

Impact of Interprofessional vs Non-interprofessional Continuing Education Activities on Learning, Competence, and Performance Pertaining to Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

Preparing Physicians to Lead Organizational Change

The Role of Regulators and Professional Regulations in Fostering the Use of Electronic Health Data to Strengthen Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Medical Practitioners. A Documentary Data Analysis and Semi-Structured Interviews with Key Informants

IV. Innovation and Adapting in Changing Times

A Call to Action: Committing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in CPD 

CPD Diversity Audit: Tracking and Reflecting on CPD Decisions for Advancing Justice

It’s a Dog’s World: Leveraging Veterinary Education Lessons and Experience in Launching an Accredited CE Program

Learning Through Lived Experience: Partnering with Patient Faculty in the Virtual Learning Environment 

Narrative Medicine for Spiritual Health and Enhanced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Among Healthcare Professionals

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS’s)—Reimagined

Transitioning from an In-person CME Ultrasound Point of Care Training to a Virtual CME-Tele-Ultrasound Point of Care Training during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Reimaging Bias: Making Strange with Disclosure

Pivoting CPD During the COVID-19 Pandemic:  A Scoping Review of Emerging and Amplified Trends and Innovations

Success of Virtual Platform for an Established “Train the Trainer” Course

Perspectives and Innovation in Educational Design from the GAME Futurist Forums

Professional Title Use and Gender Representation During Grand Rounds and Invited Lectureships Across Specialties

From SWOT to Strategic Planning: A team-based approach

Current Issue - Fall 2022

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