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01 Sep 2021 11:32 AM | Anonymous

Back to the Future of the Virtual Journal Club

The aim of this column is to review selected archived VJC sessions as these CPD practice topics continue to evolve and resonate with our members.

By Mila Kostic, CHCP, FACEHP

SACME’s Virtual Journal Club (VJC) was founded with a goal of helping support and further our capacity for scholarship in the field of continuing professional development in the healthcare. As we considered the diversity of academic experience, variety of backgrounds and professional roles in our field that shaped the needs and interests of our community, we decided to focus our approach less on the critique of the journal article, as the traditional approach to academic journal clubs, and more on the creation of a series of transformational discussions around the value of available evidence to our practice.

Over the last eight years, SACME’s VJC has provided our members and a larger CPD community with an opportunity to learn, share and engage with colleagues in a webinar format that allowed learners to listen-in or contribute actively with their comments and questions.

I have enjoyed hosting the VJC and working with many leaders in our field and scholars from the larger medical education context and facilitating many interesting sessions and conversations over the years and invite you to check-out our archive of about 40 recorded sessions that are free and readily available to all the members on our website: https://www.sacme.org/VJCarchive.  With a goal of drawing attention to some of the timeless topics of interest, this new column in CE News will serve to revisit some of the sessions and authors from the archives.

This Fall we are also back with our live virtual journal club hosting a series of sessions that will again draw attention to the scholarly approach to our work by being explicit in deepening our understanding of relevant theoretical frameworks for our practice of CPD and, in this way, enabling us to be better prepared to contribute and build onto the evidence from practice and in support of our field. Also, we will be introducing additional means of engagement and social media communication channels allowing for more generative exchanges and co-creation for our community of learners.

As we develop this column, feel free to reach out to me directly with your ideas and thoughts about our VJC at mkostic@stanford.edu.


Mila Kostic, CHCP, FACEHP is host and facilitator of the SACME Virtual Journal Club.

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