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From the Editors | Fall 2021

01 Sep 2021 11:39 AM | Anonymous

Dear Readers,

As the new academic year begins, you are most likely busy implementing the new CPD strategies and programs your educational teams have planned over this hot and turbulent summer. In keeping with this order, we wish to introduce you to our revised mission and new column editors appearing for the first time in this issue.  Last winter, the SACME Communications Committee, under the direction of Leslie Doering, embarked on a process to further distinguish and coordinate the content of our three SACME publications---Intercom, CE News and Pulse Points.  The CE News mission has been reinformed and is published here for your information. 

Along with our revised mission, we have expanded our editorial team in the hope of creating a more sustainable and interesting newsletter offering useful content.  We are delighted to introduce our talented new column editors/authors.  They are : Mila Kostic, Helen Mawdsley, EdD, Mohammad Salhia, and Eleftherios K. Soleas, PhD. Our column authors aim to bring new content in areas of strong interest to our readers.  As all our columns continue to evolve, we hope that periodically you will contact our column editors and provide them with your suggestions for article topics and other comments. 

All the best,

Martin and Robert

CE News Mission Statement

The mission of CE News is to curate relevant and timely information that will inspire and enhance the work of SACME members and the broader CPD community by nurturing an open forum to share, highlight, and discuss emergent and best practices in teaching, learning, and education scholarship.

Strategic Goals

These strategies will be used to accomplish the mission:

• Monitor and report on trends in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of CPD activities via special interest features, standing column articles, podcasts and other formats.

• Feature scholarly publications in health professions education practice and research.

• Highlight key innovations and landscape changes in CPD.

• Report on successful models for effective interprofessional CPD activities.

• Announce upcoming funding opportunities in CPD.

• Publish an Annual Meeting Proceedings Report as requested by the SACME leadership.

• Nurture a network of content editors and contributing authors.

• Utilize digital learning technology to optimize the readers’ experience as well as to access and search an historical archive.

Current Issue - Fall 2022

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