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Awards Committee

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Recent calls for awards are posted under News and Announcements

The Awards Committee has the general responsibility of identifying and establishing appropriate awards to be made annually by the Society, of developing criteria for those awards, and of recommending candidates for the awards. Awards in each category are dependent upon suitable candidates and may or may not be awarded each year. Presentation takes place during SACME's Spring Meeting. There is an open nomination process that is announced and emailed to SACME members annually.

Distinguished Service in Continuing Medical Education

This award may be given to an individual.  The criteria are: 
1. An individual who has made outstanding contributions to continuing medical education over an extended period. 
(A period of fifteen years or more is suggested as a guide.) 
2. An individual who has developed an outstanding innovation in continuing medical education representing an important advance in CME.

Research in Continuing Medical Education

This award is for an individual or a group of individuals. 
The criterion is an individual or group of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to research in continuing medical education.

Procedures of the Awards Committee

The Awards Committee has recommended several procedures concerning the awards:

1. Nominations for these awards may be initiated the Society membership or other organizations involved in CME.  However, the nominations must be presented by (or in conjunction with) a member of the Society.
2. Nominations should be given to the chair of the Awards Committee.
3. The awards should be presented at the Society's Spring meeting at a time that features the award presentation and its importance to the Society.
4. The award should be a certificate, plaque, or other suitable object that is designed, worded, and framed to reflect the importance of the award to the Society.
5. Notice of the presentation of the award should be announced and featured in publications of the Society (e.g., INTERCOM, JCEHP).
6. Awards in each category are dependent upon suitable candidates and may or may not be awarded each year.

Responsibilities of the Awards Committee

The Chair of the Awards Committee has always been appointed by the President.  At the current time, the Chair of the Awards Committee is always the Past President. The members are recommended by the Chair and appointed by the President.

1.  Periodically reviewing the awards established by the Society and their criteria, recommending changes to the Board of Directors as appropriate.
2.  Each fall ensuring that nominations are solicited through announcements of meetings of CME organizations, newsletters, and other methods as reasonable and appropriate.
3.  The chair receives nominations, shares them with the committee members, and the committee develops a recommendation for each award.
4.  The chair presents the recommendations to the Board of Directors for final decisions regarding the awards.
5.  The committee (usually the chair) obtains the actual award to be presented, including wording.
6.  The committee (usually the chair) assures that appropriate arrangements are made for awardees to be present to receive the award.  Issues regarding travel expenses of non-members are resolved on a case-by-case basis.
7.  The committee chair works with the President and Program Committee Chair to assure an appropriate time on the Spring meeting program for the awards to be presented.
8.  The committee (usually the chair) prepares notices regarding the awards and recipients for Society publications and communicates the information to them.
The Awards Committee meets at the call of the chair.  It usually meets at the Fall Society meeting.  It seldom meets at the Spring meeting, because its work for the year has been accomplished during the winter.

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